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Program Date Available Formats
Starting with Watch Online, left click on each option until you find the best video for you.
Be patient as it can take sometime for an option to load.
Wed. Nov 25 Watch Online - MP4 -- WM -- RM
Tue. Nov 24 Watch Online - MP4 -- WM -- RM
Mon. Nov 23 Watch Online - MP4 -- WM -- RM
Fri. Nov 20 Watch Online - MP4 -- WM -- RM
Thu. Nov 19 Watch Online - MP4 -- WM -- RM
Advanced Users: You can also download any of the last three video options.
Right Click on a version and choose "Save To Download Folder" or
"Save to Target as" to watch the program later in your download folder.


New programs are available after 6:30pm Central Time each weekday and are only available for five days.

Due to the large size of the video files, we recommend that you only watch or download them if you have a broadband connection.

If you have a slower connection, please download an audio version of the program HERE.